About Us

“When we see people in trouble, we do not believe in waiting for others to help rather believe in being the help.”

We have a vision to provide platforms for people to be able to do their bit for others. Today we see a substantial increase in the number of people volunteering at various social causes when compared to the same a decade back. A part of it can be attributed to the extent to which the internet age has resulted in a rapid and increased spread of thoughts across geographies. We plan on using this diffusion of technology to reach out to a larger audience.

With Hyderabad Blood Line, we aim to provide a centralized database of all the active blood donors in the city.  When contacted through our help line in case of any need of blood, we would do our best to contact donors to see the need fulfilled.

Your Blood. Saves Life.

Our Partners

Adwita NGO Adwita Foundation

Adwita is an aspiring youth-run Non-Governmental Organisation. It works for various social causes like escalating child education among the poor, eradication of female foeticide, suppressing child malnutrition.